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Spring Break
Mission Trips

 Our desire, as we hope is yours, is to see the name of Jesus magnified and exalted on our campus, in the lives of our lost friends, and ultimately around the globe.

the purpose

Following the example set by Christ in Matthew 28:19-20, we are called to make disciples of all nations. In keeping with that, there are many opportunities to make disciples by serving within InterVarsity, in our community through local partners, and abroad with our global partners as well.

Our chapter's global mission is to reach beyond the walls of our campus by bringing students and the poor together cross-culturally to encounter God, share the Good News, and serve others through ministry.

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2022 trips
Costa RicA
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To put it in simple terms going to Costa Rica over spring break was a blessing. I spent the week pushed out of my comfort zone and completely immersed in a different culture. The Lord challenged me to see how I can share the gospel & His love through my actions, not my words. My favorite part was seeing all the members of the team diving in and using their God-given talents to serve in the most beautiful ways.

Dominican Republic

One thing I think I learned was that the gospel in itself is enough. What if we choose to offer the gospel to others that surpasses any gain found in resources or time. That we don’t need to add anything special just simply the gospel. In addition, it’s okay to go slow and go deep. Our culture is constantly moving on to what’s next, so time-oriented, and never settled or present on what is in the moment. Usually what’s in the moment is people and relationships but we allow our own agendas to distract us from being in relationships with other people.

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Our team learned a lot from the culture in Guatemala and the missionaries living there. We were all really struck by the intentionality of the culture and the way the missionaries were so good at meeting people where they are at and showing them Christ’s love through these intentional relationships.


We learned the process of lament, confession, repentance, action, and hope and how that plays into how we do justice work. And we all were really impacted by the examples of people in Richmond who are actively doing justice work now and the passion God has placed on their hearts to love others well. Just how alive and good God is in the midst of seeking justice and serving others even when it looks so broken. 

We are so blessed to be able to go on these trips. We love to learn from others and be able to share the Lord!
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