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Nothing should keep you from experiencing God

To apply for a scholarship you must:

   1. Have already registered for the event

   2. Paid the minimum deposit for the event


*Note - Scholarships may only cover the cost at the earliest registration date minus the deposit.

 (For example: if the deposit is $40, and the event is $100 the max amount of scholarship money you can earn is $60.)


Deadlines for Summer Conference:

$75 deposit at registration 

$399 by April 8 

$449 by April 22

$499 by May 6 

Rockbridge Summer Conference is InterVarsity's year-end summer conference in Virginia. It's the perfect chance to unplug after a busy semester in a beautiful setting and connect with Jesus. You'll experience amazing worship and tons of fun with InterVarsity college students across Virginia. Together you can investigate Jesus, grow in relationship with him, and seek God’s vision for your life and campus.

Fill out the form above!

If you have any questions, please reach out to 

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