WOmen's conference 

Women's Conference 2021
Women's Conference 2021



Women's Conference 2021
Women's Conference 2021


Main session speaker: Sarah Blackwell 


Breakout speakers: 

 Shannon Jackson on Dating and Engagement

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 Jenny Carrier on the Body of Christ

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 Jordyn Hursh on Singleness

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 Candace Kramer on Body Image

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 Sanya Fabrizi on Race and Ethnicity

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 Laura Lowe on Friendship with other Women

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 Hannah Turner on Career and Life after   College 

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Women’s Conference Vision Statement: To be women who are secure and confident in our salvation and trust in Christ’s plans for us which He has already written

Theme: This year’s theme “Already Written” is rooted in Psalm 139:16  and stems from the vision of the Lord being worthy of our trust in not only our eternities but our tomorrows.

 Our goal is for each woman to walk away from this experience knowing that the Lord has good plans for her life, rooted in the knowledge and understanding of the Gospel. We are inviting every woman to grasp the freedom promised through her identity as a daughter of the Good Father, allowing her to rest in hope that He works all things together for her good.

We will accomplish this through worship in song, hearing relevant testimony and teaching of God’s Word from wise women in the community, responding with individual space to reflect, and fellowshipping with one another!


We are so happy you are here!

Women's COnference Schedule

February 27th, 2021

Memorial Hall 

10:00: Part 1: Doors open

10:15: Welcome Words

10:20-10:35: 1st Worship Set

10:40-11:30: Main Session Talk 1 

11:30-11:45: 2nd Worship Set 

11:45-12:15: Part 2: Grab & Go Lunch/Activity Bags. Pickup on way out. SGs eat lunch remotely and do Activity together. 

12:30-1:30: Watch 2 pre-recorded Breakout Sessions with SGs while eating lunch! (Extra time? Reflect together, craft, & Tik Tok challenges!) 

1:45: Part 3: Doors Open

2:00: Welcome Back! 

2:05-2:20: 3rd Worship Set 

2:25-3:10: Main Session Talk 2

3:10-3:25: 4th Worship Set 

3:30-3:40: Wrap It Up (Closing & Gifts!) 

3:45: Dismissal 

Other Notes

-Breakout sessions will be pre-recorded and posted on the website for SGs to watch remotely. There will be a variety to choose from, but only time for 2 in the day's schedule. You can always watch more at any time after the day, as they will be posted on the website.

-Masks will be worn at all times and WC team will clean throughout the day.