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WOmen's conference 

Main session speaker: Destiny Krieder 


Kickoff Night Speaker: Audrey Knabe

Breakout speakers: 

  1. Candace Kramer Missional Living in Occupations 

  2. Morgan Sapper Missional Living as a Student/young adult 

  3. Katie Breen Missional Living as a Student/young adult 

  4. Mercy Souder Missional Living in Occupations 

  5. Sarah Blackwell Missional Living in Ministry 

  6. Paula Cook: The Mom’s session

   Missional Living in Motherhood 

Women’s Conference Vision Statement: 

Gathering, celebrating, transforming, and empowering women through the gospel 


Missional Living 

Send me, I'll go 

Isaiah 6:8 

 Our goal is for each woman to walk away from this experience knowing that the Lord has good plans for her life, rooted in the knowledge and understanding of the Gospel. We are inviting every woman to grasp the freedom promised through her identity as a daughter of the Good Father, allowing her to rest in hope that He works all things together for her good.

We will accomplish this through worship in song, hearing relevant testimony and teaching of God’s Word from wise women in the community, responding with individual space to reflect, and fellowshipping with one another!


We are so happy you are here!

Women's COnference Schedule

March 5th, 2022

8:00 Doors open for registration, breakfast, and mingling

8:50 Welcome Words

9:00 Prayer and worship 

9:20 Session 1

10:00: Worship

10:20 Individual Debrief time 

10:35: Vision cast and explain prayer walk 

10:50 Prayer Walk  

11:50 Return from prayer walk/ transition time 

12:00 Lunch  

1:00 Break out session 1 

1:30 Transition time 

1:45 breakout session II 

2:15 Transition Time   

2:30 Dessert  

3:00 Debrief Prayer Walk/ Breakout Sessions  

3:30 Worship   

3:45: Session II 

4:15: Worship & Prayer 

4:30 Conclusion 

Other Notes

-Wear comfortable shoes

-Breakfast, lunch, and dessert will be served

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