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To create a missions-focused team centered on the ideals of biblical justice.

J-Team IG Short

J-Team IG Short

Justice Team is a ministry team within our chapter that learns about, teaches, and responds to the injustices that plague this world. By understanding God’s passion for justice we can become more like Him and impress this lifestyle onto our chapter, campus, and community through active involvement.

We meet weekly, discusses a certain injustice, and look at instances in the Bible where it occurred. Then, we discuss God's heart in that instance and how we can then insert ourselves into similar situations within our community. We also look at modern-day examples of injustice and apply what we learn through Bible study. We are constantly looking for ways in which we can go out into the community and serve as Christ calls us to.

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Avery Gegg

justice Coordinator
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Chris Woodward

justice Coordinator
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