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Leadership lifestyle week 2

Small group community building

Welcome to week 2 of Leadership Lifestyle! We hope that last week was helpful in beginning to develop the skills needed to transition into small group leading. This week, we will review what was said last week, talk about this week's topic of community building, and assign the next steps to work on! For new leaders, look out for information on discussion group meetings from your discussion leader.

Let's get started!


Time management summary:

Time must be budgeted

We must know our mission

We need to be aware of our limits

Community Building

What is community?

What it is NOT

Community is not fun things to do from time to time

What it IS

Community is focused on: caring for people, bonding, and living out our mission. The JMU IV mission is "to make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus."


What to do this week:

  • Do these things before next Thursday:

    • Daily personal Lectio Divina

- Pick your own passage ​

  • Personal Sunday scheduling time (suggested 30 min)

- Set up any meetings/hangouts, schedule time to do homework and hang out etc​

  • Personal planning time (before co-meeting) (suggested 1 hr): 

- Pray for your future small group (see below for some examples)

  • Pray over small group members

  • Pray over your community building activities as ways to foster belonging in your future community.

- Brainstorm & write down 4-5 different topics that will be pertinent to the group you will be leading (freshman or upper class, etc..) 

- Brainstorm and write out 4-5 different scriptures that can be used to speak into these topics

  • Co-Meeting time* (suggested 1.5-2 hrs)

- Pray together for your future small group

Pray over your community building activities as ways to foster belonging in your future community

- Share your community building activities that you “stole” from someone else in your FG!

- Share your brainstormed topics and scripture text. As Co’s decide on one topic and set of 4-5 scripture passages to use for the fall semester.

*if you are leading by yourself, meet with a mentor or trusted member of the sg you will lead

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