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Leadership lifestyle week 4

Co-relationship and vision casting

Welcome to week 4 of Leadership lifestyle! This is our last week of content. We hope that these past few weeks have been helpful for you in building a foundation. Feel free to look back on this content throughout the summer to refresh and prepare. In this last week we will be looking at co-relationships.

Let's get started!



Co-Relationship Practices:

One body of Christ with the same goal

Use your different strengths to work together

Be rooted in love, which comes first

Have a monthly or bi-weekly check-in time

Be quick to forgive one another

Spiritual Maturity:

Not what we know, but who we become

Seek out help and guidance 

Be in constant communication with God

Co-meeting times are needed

homework & Moving Forward

Continue to:

  • Have a daily lectio divina time

    • pick a passage and stick to it throughout the week​

  • Practice schedule making and weekly planning

  • Pray for your small group

    • pray over what you learned in leadership lifestyle​

  • Stay in touch with your co

    • talk about your strengths and weaknesses, how to work well together, and what you need help with

    • pray together for your small group and co-relationship

Some Important Dates:

Chapter Camp (online)

  • Small Group Vision Track

  • May 18-22

  • $25

*must register by may 8

Lead Retreat

  • August 20-21 (thursday/friday)

  • Highland Retreat Center

Mover's Large Group

  • August 21 (friday)

  • 7pm

Freshman Move-in

  • August 22-23

  • Invite others to sign up!

Watermelon Bash

  • August 24

For a full list of events and dates, see the fall 2020 calendar

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