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Leadership lifestyle week 1

Time management and scheduling

Welcome to Leadership lifestyle! We are so excited to offer this resource to you. Below, you will be guided by videos and resources about developing general time management practices. At the end you will find a video explaining the next steps and directions to put these new skills into practice!

Let's get started!


Leadership Lifestyle: Tools for Success 

Personal Relationship with Jesus

Daily Devotionals

Regular Church Attendance

Plan for Personal Growth*


*via personal disciplines, discipleship, involvement in various training events/conferences etc.

Personal Leadership

Prayer alone for small group

Personal Weekly Scheduling Time

Personal Weekly Planning Time

Lead Meetings & Retreats

Meetings with Small Group Coordinator

Co Leadership

Prayer together for Small Group

Combined Weekly Planning Time*

A Mature Working Relationship**

*if you are an UC SGL who doesn't have a Co, meet with a mature sgm or wise friend

**via open communication, respect, integrity, love, etc.

Small Group

Weekly Small Group Meeting

Doing life with SG Members

Discipling 1 or more SGM’s*

*don’t shy away from this for fear of favoritism, this is part of your role as a small group leader!


Chapter Programs (Large Group, H-Team events etc)

Lead Meetings (Coaching, interacting with, and being encouraged by other leaders)

Working Synergistically with other leaders outside of formal programs

Time management


Example Calendar



30 min planning for week


Lectio Divina


Lectio Divina

Meet up with SG member





Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina


Meet up with SG member

Discipleship of SGM

Personal planning & prayer time

Co-planning & prayer time

Lead Meeting (every other week)

Personal SG

Lead SG

Large Group

Hang out with SGM's

What to do this week:

  • Finish creating an online calendar (add classes etc)

  • Do these things before next Thursday:

    • Daily personal Lectio Divina

= Pick your own passage ​

  • Personal Sunday scheduling time (suggested 30 min)

= Set up any meetings/hangouts, schedule time to do homework and hang out etc​

  • Personal planning time (before co-meeting) (suggested 1 hr): 

= Pray for your future small group (see below for some examples)

  • Pray for a mature working co-relationship

  • Ask God to shepherd your future small group members’ college decisions and prepare their hearts for growth in college

  • Start praying that God would establish and direct the formation of your small group community in the fall

  • Ask God for wisdom on how to lead your peers

  • Ask God to help already-established small groups continually mature as they grow older instead of disengaging

= Brainstorm and write down 10 community-building activities that could be used to help foster belonging within their community & bring these to your co-meeting

  • Co-Meeting time* (suggested 1.5-2 hrs)

= Get to know each other more/Share Testimonies

= Share/boil down community building activities to 4 & bring these to next week’s Leadership Lifestyle Meeting

= Pray together for your future small group


*if you are leading by yourself, meet with a mentor or trusted member of the sg you will lead

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