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Leadership lifestyle week 3

Small group scripture studies

Welcome to Leadership lifestyle week 3! So far in Leadership Lifestyle, we have focused on time management and scheduling and also community building. We hope that you have been able to develop these routines and habits so that you can take them into the rest of your college experience and into your life after college! This week we will be learning about scripture studies.

Let's get started!


Scripture Studies

Steps for planning a scripture study:

Digest the word yourself

Dream about your vision for the small group

Discern scripture to study


Grid resources:






Developing a sense of belonging

Developing a conviction and habit of believing

Becoming new creations in all areas of our lives

Finding opportunities to be a blessing to others

Leaning on other leaders and sharing in their strengths

What to do this week:

  • Do these things before next Thursday:

    • Daily personal Lectio Divina

= Pick your own passage ​

  • Personal Sunday scheduling time (suggested 30 min)

= Set up any meetings/hangouts, schedule time to do homework and hang out etc​

  • Personal planning time (before co-meeting) (suggested 1 hr): 

= Pray for your future small group

= Pray over your topic and scriptures as a way to speak truth into your lessons

= Work towards creating a semester goal

= Organize your community events and scripture ideas on your grid

= Brainstorm and organize 4-5 things for the remaining columns: worship, witness, and synergy

  • Co-Meeting time* (suggested 1.5-2 hrs)

= Pray together for your future small group

= Pray together over your topic and scripture 

= Share your grids and semester goal that you worked on individually and begin to compile one finalized version


*if you are leading by yourself, meet with a mentor or trusted member of the sg you will lead

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